Integration of the map service with Dynamics AX

Integration of the map service with Dynamics AX

For any company engaged in the delivery of goods, of course, the key issue is the calculation of the optimal way of moving goods from warehouses to the consumer. IT-Commune is ready to share the story of integrating the cartographic service with Dynamics AX.

The customer is a small delivery service from Germany. The task of the project was to reduce the cost of delivering goods, specialists had to develop a service that would calculate the path from the closest to the consumer warehouse to the delivery address. An additional requirement was to minimize the costs of this service.

IT-Commune specialists considered customer’s requirements and made a thorough analysis of the map services that were used to calculate the route, among which the Bing Maps service developed by Microsoft was chosen for integration. To solve the problem, the developers created a special key on the Bing Maps service (api), this key was saved in the ERP system, then rest api requests were made using zip codes of the warehouse address and delivery address from the Bing Maps service to calculate the shortest route. The mechanism of operation was that the program calculated the distance from the delivery point to all available warehouses and selected the shortest one.

Thus, the company needed a basic mechanism for organizing logistics, requiring minimal costs in use. IT-Commune specialists offered integration with the Bing Maps service, it allows to make up to 10,000 requests per month for free, which fully met the company’s requirements. The task was solved within a week. In future, the solution suggested by the IT-Commune specialists can also be optimized using WMS at the customer’s request.

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