Integration of Dynamics 365 F&O with Sharepoint

Integration of Dynamics 365 F&O with Sharepoint

Sharepoint is a cloud service using which employees can easily share documents and information with colleagues, partners and customers. This article is about the integration of the MS Dynamics 365 F&O ERP system with this service.

The customer is a large retail holding of weighing equipment, which has representative offices in different European countries: France, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The company collects interim purchase reports in the form of Excel spreadsheets, which are stored on the Sharepoint data exchange portal for the convenience of collaboration. Employees, receiving this data, entered them into Dynamics 365 F&O, registering warehouse orders manually. It took quite a long time, and the company set out to optimize this process. The main task was the integration of Dynamics 365 F&O with Sharepoint, for which IT-Commune specialists were engaged.

Inventory management and accounts receivable modules were involved in the integration.  The implementation of the solution took about two weeks.

The convenience of work lies in the fact that warehouse managers can generate data in the form of Excel tables, as before, in the usual Sharepoint. The new Dynamics 365 F&O operation checks for changes in the storage and automatically processes the data.

So, for example, it can create serial number receipts in the main purchase order. To do this, it processes an Excel spreadsheet from Sharepoint, which contains the serial numbers specified by the manager for registration of the arrival.

The periodic operation polls Sharepoint for changes in the file version and loads data from the file. The system always stores data for each day, so that the user can find the source data to track changes during the procurement process.

As a result, the processing time of information is significantly reduced (manually entering data from one report took an entire working day of one employee, the system enters the same amount of data in less than 30 minutes). Another advantage was the reduction in the cost of licenses to work with the system: thanks to the automation of document processing, the number of employees working in Dynamics 365 F&O has decreased. And the reduction in the number of users has further increased the level of data storage security.

This solution is relevant for companies that use Sharepoint documents as a data source for Dynamics 365 F&O. They often face the problem of low processing speed of these documents. Integration allows you to speed up the processing of documents and reduce the cost of using the system.

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